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Qi Gong


The art of Qi Gong consists of three aspects: gentle movements, relaxed or regulated breathing, and focused awareness. Its graceful, cadenced movements help to reduce stress, build stamina, and to promote a tranquil state of mind. Through simple movements we can shed tension, stress & unnecessary emotion, build physical awareness & flexibility, and increase our energy.

Qi Gong (pronounced Chee Gung) is an ancient Chinese exercise system dating back over 5,000 years. Made up of two Mandarin words, Qi refers to the force which flows through all living things and Gong means a practiced skill; together they describe the mind-body ability to circulate one’s own energy to stimulate vitality.


Through a combination of physical postures, breathing techniques, and focused intention, Qigong is beautiful to watch but even more beautiful when experienced as a participant. Come join us and feel how this restorative healing art can bring to your life harmony, strength, and joy.

Dr. Kandel was introduced to Qi Gong as a student at the Nanjing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine while in China in 1985. He has practiced for 30 years since that time. He currently practices daily in his backyard next to his wife’s Icelandic horse, Kaj.


He teaches a free weekly class (for over twenty years) for the community and teaches an open class for students and facility at the Allan Hancock Community College during the academic year. He regularly includes his Qi Gong expertise in ongoing workshops for the community to teachers, chronic pain patients, acting students, and law enforcement professionals, to name a few.
Qi Gong has helped me greatly with focus and to calm my busy mind. My energy and flexibility has increased and I am sleeping much better!
- Steve
Join a Free Qi Gong Class at The Acupuncture Center of Santa Maria

Key Benefits of Qi Gong

  • Reduce Your Stress!

    Discover accessible relaxation immediately, maintain that peace throughout the day.

  • Support Your Immune System

    Increase your resistance to disease and overcome chronic immune disorders.
  • Increase your life quality and longevity!

    Increase wellbeing and mobility for a long healthy life.

What is does it feel like to do Qi Gong?

People have compared Dr Kandel’s version of Qi Gong to moving in warm water. The moves include gentle stretching and opening of the body and can bring a sense of calm relaxation. The movements are simple, but, like a well-constructed poem.


Do I need to have experience before coming to a Qi Gong class?

While the gentle arts of Tai Ji and Qi Gong may seem mysterious, Dr. Kandel teaches Qi Gong is an accessible way, a moving meditation that is playful! Everyone is welcome and the practice offers a range of movements that accommodate every physicality. Some forms are so gentle or subtle they can be practiced in bed or sitting, other forms are more physically challenging and build strength.


How can Qi Gong help me?

The practice invites a unique circulation of the body’s energy, which translates to relaxation and stress reduction. Gentle focus on both the movement of the body and breathing helps to increases body awareness and posture to open the muscles joints and tendons in a same manner. Qi Gong is effective in addressing many health issues.


Is Qi Gong an aerobic exercise?

Qi Gong does not replace more vigorous aerobic exercise, but it both prepares, protects and repairs the body from more vigorous exercise. It is an important counterbalance to the vigorous exercise as a warm up and a way of deeply checking in with one’s potential and limitations. It is also a bridge to recovery for those injured or limited in their ability to move, via injury or other disability.


Can I try Qi Gong at home?

Yes! Our classes provide a space for you to learn the practice and take the movements home with you.


What are some of the health benefits of Qi Gong?

Qi Gong supports a healthy lifestyle. Studies show these type of exercises increase mood and pain modulating neurohormones such as serotonin and endorphins. It is also know to help regulate cortisol, with reduces inflammation. This gentle practice also helps to improve balance to reduce incidence of falls; assist with coordination and increase lower body muscle strength. The practice also helps to increase focus and mentality clarity and increases energy.

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