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Cupping is a gentle, quick, and immediate way to dramatically increase your wellbeing. Cupping helps you release tension, relieve spasms, or fight respiratory infections, and can serve as a quick boost to the immune system. Cupping is a physical modality (treatment) involving the placement of a sterilized vacuum glass or silicone cups on areas of the body to bring about various therapeutic effects including acute or chronic pain relief immune support or therapeutic massage and skin rejuvenation.
Dr. Kandel practices dry cupping in both the “fire” and modern methodologies. He was trained with clinicians in China at the Nanjing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the “fire cupping” method and has 30 years experience developing his own techniques that are are relaxing, invigorating, and highly effective. In addition to his use of cupping in his practice, he regularly trains other practitioners and also teaches workshops in the modern silicon cupping method.
I was very surprised and pleased that after just one treatment I experienced immediate relief from symptoms that have persisted for over three years!
- Lynne Marie
  • Common Conditions Treated By Cupping

    Acute neck and back pain, Asthma and Allergies, Bells Palsy, Bursitis of Shoulder and Hip, Detoxification Support, Exercise training recovery, Headaches & Migraines, Muscle sprain or spasms, Post-surgical recovery, Post Mastectomy Care, Relaxing Gentle Facial Rejuvenation, Scar Tissue rejuvenation, Sports Enhancement, Stress Relief & Relaxation, Upper Respiratory Infection.

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Cupping is highly effective rendering immediate results in many cases

Key Benefits of Cupping

  • Overcome Chronic Muscle Issues

    Overcome long term muscular issues such as pain, habits or posture

  • Immediate relief for acute muscle tightness

    If you have muscles spasms, recent injuries, trauma, plantar fasciitis or are going through surgery recovery, this is a great way to find relief.
  • Support your Immune System

    Increased clearance of inflammation and increased cellular immunity following cupping

How does cupping work according to modern medicine?

Cupping infusions the tissues with circulation, flushes out inflammatories waste products and breaks down scar tissue. Physical Therapists have adopted the method and call it “decompression therapy” as the vacuum creases space between tissues, allowing repair of injured and tissues with less blood supply such as tendons and ligaments.


How does cupping help to support the immune system?

By increasing blood supply and vigorously stimulating blood flow, internal organ function is enhanced. Cupping will help the lungs expel phlegm during or after a cold. Treatments also increases healthy immune activity by increasing levels of certain immune markers in the blood for several days after treatment helping to prevent or fight infection.


Why do Olympic Athletes use cupping?

As explained, cupping helps clear cellular waste by both flushing muscle of toxins, such as lactic acid and simultaneously increasing the liver’s detoxification capacity. Thus, cupping is not just treating sore & painful muscles but decreases muscle recovery time after exercise.


How does cupping help with detoxification?

New studies show that cupping increases the levels of a “hemeprotein” or blood protein called Cytochrome P-450. This finding demonstrates that cupping effectively up-regulates the liver’s detoxification capacity for several days after treatment. This can assist in clearing metabolites of inflammation or other toxins in the body.


How does Traditional Chinese Medicine explain cupping?

Cupping at it’s best is applied as part of clear diagnosis treatment plan within the rubric of Chinese Medicine (CM). Cupping in CM is a clearing and blood moving technique directed at “excess” conditions where there is either heat or “blood stasis“. Stimulating blood flow clears the excess and move the blood stasis, restoring balance and allowing the normal flow of energy (Qi).


Are there contraindications for Cupping?

Yes, contraindications include patients with thin skin or weak capillaries; blood thinners; areas of abrasions or skin infections, active cancer and certain areas of the body are not cupped.
Dr. Kandel utilizes this modality for those who will benefit and works with you personally on your health plan to ensure it’s right for you.


How old is cupping and where in the world is it used?

Cupping was used by the Ancient Chinese, Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks. The technique is known throughout the world today commonly as a home remedy in Europe, Asia, Mexico, and South America. This technique has lasted for millennia because it is safe and highly effective. Ancient societies did not have the same way of describing how it worked as we do today, but the conditions it treated and positive results were the same.


Can Cupping be used preventatively care?

Yes, cupping is recommended at the change of seasons as a cold and flu prevention, used for stress relief & relaxation, and can assist in emotional health & body awareness.


What’s the difference between “fire cupping” and modern silicon cupping?

Fire cupping uses heat to create a vacuum in a glass cupping jar and modern silicon cups create a vacuum without heat. Dr Kandel is trained in both methods and routinely uses both based on what will be most effective and appropriate for each patient.


Can cupping relieve acute pain in addition to muscle tension?

Yes. Cupping is a quick and accessible modality that offers immediate relief. Patients often come in for acute neck or back pain. Dr Kandel’s gentle sliding cupping technique is very effective for treatment of recent or long standing pain in the neck and back.

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