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Functionally Integrated Medicine


Seeking to understand the causes of disease, functionally integrated medicine starts with the patient’s individuality first, rather than just the symptoms of the disease. This understanding relies on western medical science, as well as traditional medicine and respects the complexity of the patient by taking into account social, emotional, environmental, and physical components.

Vitamins and supplements can play a powerful role in both treatment & prevention of disease, as well as overall well-being & longevity. To be safe and effective, the approach must be undertaken with a full understanding of patient’s unique constitution, current conditions or diagnosis, potentially undiagnosed conditions, and any existing medication or supplement regimes.


Dr. Kandel has been pioneer in integrative medicine for over thirty years. Throughout his career, he has practiced with a deep curiosity about the links between the mind & body, nutrition & environment, and constitutional & genetic factors, and the roles they play in overall health.

Dr Kandel takes time with each patient to establish and record a thorough case history. This is taken into account in order to make judicious recommendations for supplements or before ordering laboratory results (if the existing tests aren’t already available for review). The case history and or tests are reviewed in order to understand current ailments, potential disease and also the functional capacities of the body’s organs and how they can be improved. Dr. Kandel’s utilizes experience as a clinician, ongoing up to-date-studies, and a personal and collaborative style of patient care to ensure that the right care is provided.

I bring together the precision of modern medicine with the time honored techniques of traditional medicine to provide a holistic and comprehensive treatment plan/approach.

- Dr. Kandel
  • Common Conditions Treated By Functionally Integrated Medicine

    Andropause, Anxiety, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Colitis,Common Ailments and Aspirations, Fatigue, Depression, Digestive disturbance, Environmental Allergies, Erectile Dysfunction, Fibroids, Fibromyalgia, Food Sensitivities/ Allergies, frequent colds and flus, IBS, Immune Support, Insomnia, low Libido, Men’s health: prostatitis, Migraine HA, Musculoskeletal Pain, Pre and Post Surgical Care, Weight Gain, Weight Loss and Nutrition, Women’s Health: Peri-Menopause and Menopause Symptoms, PMS: Dysmenorrhea.

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Dr. Kandel is excited and happy to see progress in his patients health

Process of Functionally Integrated Medicine

  • Comprehensive Health History Review

    Dr Kandel takes the time to review all relevant records and your personal story.

  • Interpret Labs and Order Speciality Tests

    Review prior labs, order new tests, and utilize specialty tests that often identify functional levels of nutrition in addition to disease.
  • Implement Holistic Protocol for Success

    Develop a plan for new therapeutic intervention that may include nutrition, exercise, emotional support, hands on therapy, and lifestyle.

How do I get started to address my issue?

It takes one visit to obtain a complete case history and discuss a patient’s goals and a therapeutic plan. Recommendations may be made on the first visit unless obtaining existing or ordering lab tests are necessary. For more complex cases, obtaining and reviewing all relevant information and getting to know the patient may take several visits. Dr. Kandel also has many patients who are 2nd and 3th generation who come on an as needed basis.


What tests do you routinely order?

Routine and specialty blood tests, digestive stool analysis, comprehensive hormone testing, including saliva tests, ALCAT food allergy tests, to name a few.


How do you treat menopausal syndrome?

Twenty-five years ago when the dangerous Premarin was being routinely prescribed to women, Dr. Kandel was opposed to the risks implied in the drug, and instead began recommending effective natural alternatives. He has gained much experience in accurately assessing existing hormone levels within the context of social, emotional aspects and lifestyle factors of each patient. Recommendations are made that may include either natural supplements, herbal medicine, or concentrated plant sourced phytosterols (which act like weak natural hormones in the body). Diet, exercise and relaxation, massage, and acupuncture may be recommended as well, or may even suffice without any oral prescriptions. Recommendations always take into account risk factors including cancer history or cancer risk and osteoporosis to name a few.


How do you treat Osteoporosis?

Dr Kandel was diagnosed with osteoporosis at age 49, he put his own protocol to the test and now in just over ten years, he no longer has osteoporosis. He has developed an approach to increasing bone density through a balance of healthy eating, targeted supplements and a specific exercise regime. He tailors what worked for him to individual patients diagnosed with osteoporosis, which has proved successful. He also works collaboratively with western medical providers with integrated protocol. Testing and re-evaluation is critical to identifying and honing an individualized and successful approach.


How can you help if I already take supplements?

Dr. Kandel can help a patient review or update an existing protocol giving constructive feedback. Many patients come to me who have done extensive research and have an existing supplement protocol. In many cases he helps patients prioritize reduce or consolidate a supplement regime to be most effective, lean and cost effective. We seek to save the patient from less effective, potentially harmful protocols, or simply wasting money. We value our patients’ experience and self education and encourage people to be detectives and observe the role of foods, supplements and prescribed medicines to find their best sense of wellbeing. That being said, some supplements are longer term investments that will not bring immediate results and we must rely on available evidence based research and clinical experience.


I am healthy, do I need supplements?

Not necessarily. “Less is more” is another principle of Dr. Kandel’s approach. If the same goal can be achieved without the use of vitamins or supplement but through lifestyle improvement, such as food choices, exercise/movement, stress reduction and body awareness, resolution of emotional issue, etc, then that is the goal. There is a flood of marketing information that may try and to convince individuals that they should take a particular supplement. We always start with your case history and if we can support you to stay healthy with diet, exercise and other lifestyle factors, you may live well without prescription drugs or supplements.


If I get supplements, how do I decide which products are best?

Dr. Kandel uses his experience and up-to-date knowledge to recommend the best sources of products, taking into account sustainable sources, effectiveness and cost efficiency. He can also provide recommendations to manufacturers that are reliable. He often gives assessments and recommendations to patients who bring in their own supplements and can compare product ingredients they use to make assessments and to help you evaluate your personal product choices.


I don’t trust doctors, where do you fit in?

Dr. Kandel advocates that patients reduce or get off of certain medicines, or often provides alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs or surgeries, so sometimes we have patients who come to us wary of western medical providers. However, Dr Kandel highly values his colleagues in both Western and Complementary Medicine and recognizes that our diverse skill sets are valuable and necessary. In fact, he often helps his patient locate a western medical provider they can trust, and or will consult with his Western medical colleagues to help provide complete care.

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