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tiger pen and ink
  "Tiger" Original Pen and Ink by Donna Kandel, 1979

Patients and Friends,

As summer winds down, it's a great time to prepare the body for changes that fall brings our way. In traditional Chinese Medicine, "tune ups" before season changes are highly recommended to treat ailments and to prevent them.

The Acupuncture Center continues to support you providing acupuncture treatments, cupping, herbal treatments, cupping, herbal medicine, shiatsu, nutrition, gentle exercise therapy as well as therapeutic massage and now Structural Integration (Rolfing).

What's new:

My long time colleague Cathryn Aiken, L.Ac., will be here to serve you while I'm away September 8-24, as my wife and I take time to celebrate our 40th Anniversary. Cathryn Aiken is an amazing clinician, veteran acupuncturist and herbalist. 

Introducing our new team member Vanessa Ellison CMT, who joins our long term team member Nancy Noel CMT, both providing therapeutic massage. Also introducing Anthony Quall Certified Rolfer, who has joined up providing Structural Integration, (Rolfing). Patients are giving high praise for their work!

To learn more about our services, including our new team members, and our successful Covid Prevention protocols, please visit our newly updated website:
To schedule treatment, call the office 805-922-4490

Best Wishes for a healthy summer,

Herb Kandel, L.Ac., O.M.D.

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