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Meet Dr. Kandel
Father, Husband, Surfer, Doctor

Father, Husband, Surfer, Doctor.
Meet Dr. Herb Kandel (Watch Video)

Health is the greatest possession.
Contentment is the greatest treasure.

Dr. Kandel’s 34+ years of dedication to integrative wellness care ensures The Acupuncture Center of Santa Maria provides you with exceptional professional skills, compassion, and a personal approach to support your health.

We are here to serve you during COVID-19. We are offering telemedicine—see our offerings and updates during COVID-19. And check out a few simple strategies for immune support and prevention.

Join Dr. Kandel for Qi Gong classes on our YouTube Channel.

Listen to our Coronavirus audio update with Dr. Kandel and Dr. Yang (March 16).


Thai Yoga Therapy

Thai yoga therapy takes care of the whole body using a combination of muscle release, gentle twisting, and joint mobilization. This increases circulation, relieves superficial and deep tensions, and allows for total relaxation of the mind and body.


By achieving balance, harmony, and vitality

One can more easily experience the richness/beauty of life; once we feel this we share it back with the world. The common denominator of this experience is the fully intelligent being and the sense of love & gratefulness.


We create a safe and vibrate context for healing.

The therapy we give fuels the body’s ability for self-balance and opens the doors to one’s own vitality. We strive to facilitate the individual’s capacity & awareness of the present moment, as well as a culture of self evaluation & self improvement.

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