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Help with sleeping.

Here is a list of natural remedies to help with insomnia. Note there are mix and match options- and it will take time to explore the various options. Make notes with the various remedies and combos to observe the results:  time sleeping, quality of sleep, any residual effects in the morning, and quality of energy during your day. The goal is to end up with a “pallet of choices” that you can vary over time depending on circumstances, avoiding habituation to one remedy. Remember the best sleep, when possible, is natural sleep without medication. Even if you find you need these, pick a low st ress day several times a month, with no medication to allow your body to clear and balance.

  • 5HtP  100mg at bedtime you can add 50 mg after dinner if you need help unwinding and Magnesium 300- 500 milligrams before bed– use mag glycinate, or mag malate, not mag oxide—(watch for stool loosening if dose is too high, higher dose 500-1000 if you have constipation )

Combine the above with any of these  (of course you can also try alone, but I think you’ll have more effective results if you try some combo of above and ONE of below.:

  • Suan Zao Ren  3-4 or Emperors Tea Pills ( not as sedating, but a calming formula with calming properties and tonic for adrenal fatigue )
  • Melatonin 3-6 milligrams (can use for phases e.g. up to a month, then intermittently for a night or two, then take a break for several months )
  • Cortisol Manager (a combo of Thenanie, Phosoporated Serine, Magnesium etc) 1 pill before bed) *available on line, maybe in store– kind of expensive but very effective and one of the best remedies for helping adrenal exhaustion or Theanine alone– not sure of milligrams– an amino acid (I have seen a combo natural sleep aid in Trader Joe’s looks inexpensive with both Theanine and Melatonin and perhaps valerian– no experience with it but worth a try.)

And– you could also all to the mix of 5HTp  one of above and GABA 250– 750 mg it’s another amino acid very effective at calming– seems to shut down the thinking real well.

I would first try GABA alone about 500mg-750mg then try a combo with above recommendations that Mag & 5HTP and perhaps one of the above– but at a lower dose of GABA, e.g. 250-500.

Cortisol Manager is available on from a company named Integrative Therapeutics.  It’s about 20.00 for 30 pills.

Dr. Kandel’s recipes.

Hot Cereal Recipe

Chia Seed (ground) 2-4 Tablespoons

Hot water, rice milk, almond milk, coconut milk or coconut yogurt (1-2 cups depending on consistency desired)

Seeds or nuts: ex. Pumpkin seeds, almonds or walnuts

Options: Fresh fruit or dried fruit such as cranberries, raisins, blue berries, pomegranate seeds, unsweetened chocolate or coco nibs.

Instructions: Stir while pouring boiling water on to Chia then add additional items.



Pomegranate Juice or Apple Juice

Chia Seed 3-5 tablespoons ground

Flaxseed 1 tablespoon ground

Fresh Fruit

Non Dairy Yogurt such as soy yogurt or coconut yogurt

Looking for a great physical therapist?

Jordan Larson, PT and I have collaborated for years  and I have gone to him as a patient as well. He spends dedicated 1-on-1 time with his patients, and has a great team and staff.

You can find Jordan Larson here:
5075 S. Bradley Road, Suite 121
Santa Maria, CA
(805) 934-0663