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Healthy eating is the means to improve the quality and length of your life, and there is no one correct diet for all. We all have different constitutions (genotypes) and different preferences (I like Sardines, you hate fish), and we all are at different places in our road to health. My approach is to work with you individually and meet you where you are at.


I spend dedicated time to understand your personal and nutritional goals and what you need to get there. The best way to start is by listening: I listen to you and give you tools to listen to yourself.

If you have acute needs and you are motivated and ready for a big change, we’ll help you make a diet revolution. If you desire to make improvements but lack motivation or wonder where to start, we can go slow and provide easy, achievable steps. If you already know what you need and you are looking for support, we will provide tools and shortcuts. If you a are faced with a complex case or getting conflicting information, we’ll unpack the information and work collaboratively with practitioners to build a personalized plan that works for you.

We meet where you are, and take you where you wish to go.

Dr. Kandel
Common Conditions
and Aspirations Treated
By Nutrition


Blood food allergy testing (authorized to administer ALCAT), Detoxification and transition to health diet, Evaluation for food Intolerances (elimination/ reintroduction testing), Explore Paleo, Vegetarian or vegan but need some tips, Want to explore new healthy protein sources, Weight Loss, meat and potatoes and ready for the next step.


Allergies and food intolerance, Arthritis healthy foods, Asthma, Crones, Fatigue – chronic and acute, Focus, Memory and concentration, Food Addiction/sugar addiction, Hormone imbalance (provide hormone testing and testing), IBS, Immune healthy foods, Pre and post-natal nutrition, Skin issues, Sports nutrition, Substance abuse and food choices.

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Dr. Kandel consulting a patient regarding their diet

Key Benefits of Nutrition

Easy Transition to Healthy Eating

We support you in your transition to a new diet, with simple and achievable suggestions that make healthy eating exciting!

Food Addictions and Weight Loss

Discover your trigger foods, overcome old habits and make rapid progress in eliminating cravings in order to move toward your target weight.

Best Food Choices for Food Sensitivities

Food can still be exciting, even with limitations! Feel better and get creative with alternative options with your allergies and sensitivities.  


Is this scientific?

I stay abreast of peer review science and use Evidence based approaches to help guide my clinical care. Interestingly, the latest science often supports common sense and traditional diets from many cultures around the world.


What is the relationship between food and supplements?

My Philosophy is that food is first and supplements play a supportive role. The targeted use of Herbal Medicine and Nutritional Supplements can sometimes play a supportive role in the nutritional healthcare.


How can acupuncture help diet?

Acupuncture is excellent for habit change, craving and detoxification. Individual treatments, or  low cost group treatments, ear press seeds/ tacks. Cupping is useful for supporting detoxification, and muscle injury, spasm. There is a wealth of experience and information in the field of Chinese Medicine to aid in diagnosis and recommendations in the area of nutrition.  As a doctor of Chinese Medicine with 30 years experience, Dr Kandel brings this experience to your case.


What if my case is complex?

For Complex cases we may need to obtain a thorough case history that involves some detective work, reviewing prior and ordering new laboratory tests. I work collaboratively with other practitioners, obtain and share records and take team approach as needed.
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