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During COVID-19


We hope you are staying safe and well in these difficult times. During COVID-19, you can refer to this page for relevant information and updates.

Our physical office is currently closed, but I am offering telemedicine consultations and recording Qi Gong videos, both designed specifically for these times. 

Read my list of a few strategies for supporting immune function specific to COVID-19 prevention and symptom relief. These are what I am suggesting for my family and my patients, based on a large body of current ongoing research.

I am committed to share, to the best of my ability, tools and information to help keep you well.

Dr. Herb kandel, L.Ac., O.M.D.


During this time, I have been delivering telemedicine, visiting with some of you in your living room, your kitchen, even on your favorite walking trail. I am so grateful for these unexpected moments of connection with patients and their families at home. In addition to acu-point instruction—for pain, anxiety, immune support and other issues—I am teaching patients home cupping, acupressure, and specific exercise. I am also prescribing herbs and supplements—we have an outdoor pick-up point at the Acupuncture Center for supplies and herbs, as well as drop-ship options.

For telemedicine appointments, call:

Our regular office phone will direct you to call the cell phone number above. Thank you for your patience as we have adapted to staff working from the safety of home.

Qi Gong

I encourage you to explore easy, gentle Qi Gong movements or bring a new stress-reducing practice into your routine from home.

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